Car Tune Up - Mechanic performing an inspection as a part of a tune up service

Auto Tune Up: 4 Important Things To Know

An auto tune up is a process that involves various replacements and inspections. It’s an essential maintenance procedure that helps with your fuel efficiency, power of acceleration and battery life.

It also helps to prevent a misfire that can leave you without power and create a shaking sensation while driving.

What Is It?

Getting your car tuned up is one of the best ways to extend its lifespan. This is because it is a form of preventative maintenance that helps your engine run more efficiently. Keeping up with this maintenance ensures your vehicle will not break down prematurely, resulting in costly repairs.

The term “auto tune up” is a bit outdated and is now sometimes used to describe any type of routine vehicle maintenance. However, there are some key services that should be included in any tune up:

You can tell it’s time to schedule a tune up when the check engine light comes on, or you notice new sounds coming from your car. If you are noticing vibrations in the steering wheel or seats, these are signs that there is an internal problem. If left unchecked, these issues can become serious and even dangerous! If your car is shaking on smooth paved roads, you should definitely come in for an auto tune up right away.

It’s Preventative Maintenance

An auto tune up may help you save money in the long run. A car that’s well maintained runs more smoothly, gets better fuel economy, and is less likely to need major repairs.

When the term “tune-up” was first used, it involved replacing spark plugs and other ignition components, adjusting carburetors, and turning screws to adjust base timing and various emissions functions. Those adjustments are not possible on newer cars with their computerized engine control systems.

Modern day tune ups entail an overall check of the parts of your vehicle that require replacement, replenishment, or retuning. For example, filters for your oil, fuel, and cabin air get dirty or clogged over time. A mechanic will visually inspect these and replace them if necessary.

If your vehicle shakes at certain speeds, it could mean an internal problem. This type of vibration often comes from a misfiring cylinder that needs to be replaced immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done to your engine.

It’s a Safety Boost

A vehicle that’s not working properly can be a dangerous thing. If you notice that your engine is running less efficiently than before, it’s a sign that you need to get an auto tune up.

A technician will make sure that the ignition and fuel are flowing properly. They will also ensure that there are no leaks from the exhaust and that the timing is correct.

An engine that isn’t operating well can cause the car to lose power. This causes a shaking sensation while driving that may make you unsure about the safety of the road ahead of you. A simple engine tune up can fix these issues before they become worse.

During a tune-up, your technician will also check other small components such as hoses and different types of belts that can wear out easily. This is an excellent way to increase the life of your vehicle by catching problems early on and making sure they’re taken care of.

It’s a Peace of Mind

If you are someone who drives regularly, it is important to get a car tune up every year. It can help to keep your engine running at its best and it can also prevent future issues that can lead to costly repairs.

In addition, keeping your car in tip top shape can also improve the resale value of it. A potential buyer will be more willing to pay more money for a vehicle that is well-maintained and has been maintained correctly.

Another reason to get regular tune ups is that it can reduce your vehicle’s emissions. Over time, engines can lose their efficiency and start to produce more harmful emissions. Getting your auto tune ups done on a regular basis can help you reduce these emissions and do your part for the environment.

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